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Let's talk about engaging and equipping our sales teams.

Let’s talk about engaging and equipping our sales teams.

We’re coming off of a strange time. Training was likely limited to necessary product education and new roll outs. Collaboration may have dropped a bit with work from home, and more and more teams are getting back on the road.

How’s your team doing?

I’m not talking about numbers, or that record year you had despite Covid. I mean their headspace, morale and engagement.

Is your team engaged?

Being satisfied with your work is different than being engaged in it. A sales professional may be satisfied with a six-figure income, a boss that leaves them alone and the ability to duck out around noon on Fridays. But that’s not the person you want out there recruiting their buddies to come and sell for you. "It's an easy job, you make great money and you can jack around on Fridays! Come work here." Right?!

Engagement is a measure of the force that an employee brings to work each day. Equipping sales professionals isn’t just about technical training to make them better at sales. It’s about energizing and engaging them.

Here are some key facts about the largest working generation: (Sources: Pew Research center, Forbes, Data USA)

*Millennials are the largest working generation at 35% of the US workforce.

*86% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for an organization whose values align with theirs.

*Millennials need timely and regular recognition.

*They require professional development. They need an ability to learn and rise through the ranks.

*21% of millennials have left a job in the last 12 months, and millennial turnover costs the US economy 30.5 billion a year.

Want to lower attrition, increase engagement and prepare your sales team for success? Consider equipping them and engaging them. Invest in professional development from experts who do it every day, follow the tenets of adult education and are highly skilled at developing millennial sales professionals. You'll cultivate an energized, engaged and equipped sales team who knows their purpose, how it aligns with your organization, and knows how to execute as individual producers and as a team.

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